Alex and Abby Yabut

Serangoon 1 Chapter Leader

Going on Mission Personal Sharing and Experience

Going on mission for Christ allows a person to surrender to God, to humble himself, rely upon God’s love, provisions, wisdom and empowerment and to experience God in the many facets of life that the missionary will undergo doing God’s works.  We have been blessed to journey to a few missions as a couple and this time in India.  I remember the first time I went on mission in India and the request of Bro Cesar (India Country Head) to us when we come back to Singapore 2 years ago – to share the beauty of India.  Indeed with the recent mission trip with Aby we have seen and experienced Jesus in India, Chennai and its people, our Chennai brethren – their love and pure joy that they have shared with us. 

  • Our overall experience for the first day of marathon teaching was indeed fulfilling, having only 3 hours of sleep coming from an overnight flight, tired but truly grateful to experience the joy and smiles of CFC Chennai thirsting for God’s values and wisdom through the CFC Talks such as Covenant Orientation and Financial Stewardship.
  • We know that the Holy Spirit was with us and with our participants, the talks are both Spirit filled and Spirit led. I am blessed to have Abigail with me to serve, even though we were leaving our 3 boys amidst the ongoing scare of COVID-19.  It did cross our minds if we are still going to pursue the Chennai mission trip because days prior to the mission, the development of Singapore’s COVID-19 cases kept on increasing.  Even on the night of our flight to Chennai, the Archbishop of Singapore declared ‘No Holy Mass’ in Singapore starting 15th February.   
  • Trusting in the Lord, we pursued with the mission knowing that the Lord will never forsake us and we ask our Mother’s intercession too, specially for our children, and also for Singapore
  • Support of the clergy – Rev Fr Joe – warmed the hearts of our CFC Chennai including Abigail and myself specially when Fr Joe celebrated mass for all of us after the CO and FS.  During his homily Fr Joe expressed his appreciation to CFC Singapore, for the support and dedication of our mission.  He encouraged CFC Chennai to continue with what CFC Singapore has started and he urged them to bring more families to Christ specially through the CFC formations.
  • The pray-over of Bro James during the 2nd day was also very spiritual.  Bro James though advanced in age is indeed full of wisdom.  We urge him to continue to help spread God’s Word whenever people come and visit him. He can help in the evangelization works of CFC and the Church.
  • The presence also of Bro Martin Anthony and Bro Raju Jose gave the Chennai brethren the assurance that CFC India and its servant leaders are actively supporting CFC Chennai community
  • Our CFC Chennai are looking up to the guidance of CFC Singapore and we have shared our vision that Chennai will be a bountiful ground for the Lord

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