Edison & Tere Ancheta

Unit 1 Household Head

Going on Mission Personal Sharing and Experience

On the 15th ‘til the 18th of February, 2020, Tere and I had the chance to serve together on our 2nd overseas mission trip. This time we had a blessed opportunity to be with our brothers and sisters in Chennai, India. We are grateful to the Lord for calling us to serve and proclaim His works!

  • Truly it is in giving that we receive. Our Chennai mission allowed us to: share our time and resources with our CFC Chennai brethren; share our experience as HH leaders; and give practical examples or tips to them. In return, the Lord has gifted us with new friends and an opportunity to learn new things about Tamil Nadu. More so, we had a deeper understanding how we can better support this mission area. We felt inspired as we witnessed the zeal and profound passion of our CFC brothers and sisters in Chennai in proclaiming their faith.
  • Even more, the Lord blessed us to conclude our day after HLT sessions to attend the Holy Mass together with some our CFC Chennai brethren, and allowed us to receive Jesus sacramentally because back home in Singapore, the celebration of mass in churches had just been declared suspended from 14th of February. God is so generous!
  • When doing God’s mission, we triumph over oppressions. The mission trip’s schedule coincided with the period of increasing COVID-19 cases in Singapore and different parts of the world. There were doubts to push through and the mission team were discerning whether it was better to delay. Worse, on the night of our flight, just a couple of hours before we leave for the airport, our one-year-old son suddenly started vomiting. I silently offered a prayer. Praise God he managed to feel better. Though we were worried, Tere and I proceeded to the airport for our flight. We thank the Lord that our son continued to get better. In this mission trip the Lord once again reminded Tere & myself to be still and Trust the Lord. True enough, the Lord allowed us to conquer our doubts and worries. He empowered us to Testify and Be A light to our CFC Chennai brethren.

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