Javier Family, Family Household

Serangoon 2 Unit 2 Household Head

“ The Family Household is a good tool to know each other while catechizing  the kids.”

The Javier Family from Singapore shared that the Family Household helped their Gospel reflection to be more structured.

Daddy Raymond said, “We find it challenging to do because the interest of our kids are different from one another. However, the activity and messages fit for both our younger kids and the teens.”

Their son Adrian (17) shared that he enjoyed listening to his siblings. His sisters, Gianna (13) and Hannah (10), mentioned that every time they share and do the activity, it boosts their confidence.

Marian (8) adds, “I love that I always learn something from the activities.”

Lastly, Mommy Shermin says, “As we do the household regularly, we eventually enjoy the experience of knowing more of each other.”

Get to know your family more through the Family Household!

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