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John Lobusta

Serangoon 2 Chapter Youth Head

For the longest time, I have struggled to understand or even experience God’s place in everything I do. As a typical Sunday Catholic, I believed that as long as I attended mass weekly, took part in communion and was present for catechism , I was already doing my part, and had developed a personal relationship with the Lord. I was very mistaken, and during my lowest moments, I would often find myself blaming God for those experiences. It’s crazy right? How could I blame someone I barely knew, or even tried reaching out to? I was 13 at the time, and was about to enter the Youth Camp, already being a member of the community through Kids For Christ, as my parents were in Couples For Christ as well. If I had any expectations, it would be to make new friends, and have fun in that camp. However, I was pleasantly surprised! Through the talks that were given, I was able to have an insight as to who God really was, and that His gift to us was His son, Jesus. I knew then, that He DID have a place in my life and that, forming this personal relationship with Him, requires both commitment and a desire for it. I did not know how to pray properly back then, but my Discussion Group Leader guided me, and encouraged me to give it a try. I am thankful for that because it was through that interaction where I felt the door separating the Lord and I, was opened and that I could instead reach out to Him, and invite Him into my private moments. 

It has been 6 years since that camp and I am both blessed and affirmed to say that I am truly living out my life with the Lord. I’ve been serving as a leader in this community and I have journeyed with members, who at some point, had the same struggles I faced when I first joined. I think the Lord allowed me to endure those struggles so that when I overcame them, it would become a light in the eyes of my members, giving them hope. In being and bringing Christ wherever I go, I believe that it is my mission to help those who do not know how to help themselves grow closer to Christ, forming close friendships with them along the way. I am and will always be proud to be a youth FOR Christ. To God be the Glory!