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Velasquez Family, Family Household

Kids For Christ National Coordinator

“Our Family Household is always full of joy, excitement, and laughter.”

The Velasquez couple, Daddy Tyrone and Mommy Girlie, shares the impact of the Family Household in their family.

“Our family vision of becoming ‘a faithful & fun family, fit to live life to the fullest through Christ who empowers us’ is fulfilled by the Family Household.”

Their 13-year-old daughter, Ysobel, said, “It is a fun way to bond and spend time together despite busyness in our studies and activities.”

“We were able to know each other’s thoughts about God,” says 8-year-old Lucas.

“Of course, Ysolde (4) and Matthias (2) are also active and participative especially during the Kids Praise and activities,” adds Mommy Girlie.

“With the family household, we can understand and relate to the Gospel when we attend the Holy Mass. It also became our weekly family bonding.”

Praise God for the gift of faith, family & fun!

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