Music Ministry

Worship is an important part of the life and mission of Couples for Christ and its family ministries. In community events such as prayer assemblies, CLPs, conferences, and teachings, the Music Ministry is given the wonderful opportunity of being an instrument in bringing God’s people closer to Him. We serve to support the worship leader in bringing the people to worship God through songs of praise and submit to the leading of the Holy Spirit through the worship leader.

The Couples for Christ Singapore Music Ministry is made up of members across the entire spread of the CFC community and its family ministries. Through the Music Ministry, members are provided an avenue for spiritual growth by creating an atmosphere conducive to worship that opens people’s hearts to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. If you are feeling called to glorify God with the use of the talents you have been blessed with, simply approach your Chapter Head or your chapter’s Music Ministry Coordinator to volunteer.

We encourage you to join us in this service as we remember the words of St. Augustine, “When we sing, we pray twice!”.

“Music creates a conducive atmosphere for worship that opens people’s hearts to the promptings of the Holy Spirit…” ~Bro Randy Picture was taken during the 30th Anniversary Celebration of CFC Singapore last March 2017

Music Ministry in Action