The Pastoral/ Spiritual Formation Office is responsible for developing  the pastoral formation of the leaders and members of the community. It functions as the hub for all teachings, materials, and manuals to be used in evangelization and pastoral teaching tracks. All existing PFO’s from various ministries are part of the Formation teachings of the community. The CFC Pastoral/Spiritual Formation Office is headed by the Pastoral Formation Director who ensures that the formation of all members and leaders of CFC are supported. The end objectives of the office are: to provide the pastoral tools for growing in holiness of CFC members and the training and development of leaders to help God raise the next generation of spiritual leaders in CFC.

The basic formation track of CFC will continue to be enhanced with additional focus on courses on the following:

  • Deepening of Spirituality 
  • Strengthening of Family Life
  • Mission and Evangelization
  • Principle of Stewardship through Financial Stewardship 2, Work with the Poor Retreat, and the Social Teachings of the Church