About CFC Singles for Christ

SFC Singles for Christ (SFC) aims to provide a Christian support environment for single men and women who are at the crossroads of their state of life, choosing between marriage, a religious vocation, or single blessedness.

SFC as a support environment

  • teaches the individual the right values to build their future in;
  • surrounds the individual with friends who are well meaning and have a positive influence;
  • provides the individual with opportunities to meet potential partners in life who believe in the same Christian goals and values;
  • involves the individual in service that prepares them for the responsibility of marriage and family life; and
  • helps those with a vocation for the priesthood or religious life to discern their calling.

Entry point to the CFC Singles for Christ program is through a Christian Life Program (CLP). Pastoral formation is being given to the singles after the CLP through household meetings, assemblies, teachings and trainings, international conferences, discernment seminars, Singles Enrichment Retreat, and many more teachings directed towards the maturing needs of young, single individuals.

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