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The youth ministry of Couples for Christ (CFC) which is the Youth for Christ (YFC) aims to provide a Christian support environment for young teenagers between 13 to 18 years of age.

The program is oriented towards meeting the needs of our young people to belong, to be motivated, to be useful and to be good examples in society as Christian witnesses of their faith in Christ. It aims to accomplish this in an environment that fosters Fun, encourages Friendship and strengthens Faith in a Free, responsible form of expression (the four F’s).

YFC’s future is directed towards giving the youth a worthwhile cause to support as we seek to address, in our small way, the plight of the poor and the less privileged and the social and environmental issues that trample on the youth’s human dignity. These include shunning abortion, use of illicit drugs, fraternity violence, sexual immorality, corruption, and the degradation of our natural resources.

The typical entry point to the CFC Youth for Christ program is through a Youth Camp. Pastoral formation is continually and sustainably provided to the youth after the Youth Camp through regular household meetings, prayer assemblies, teachings and trainings, international conferences, youth forums, and other interesting, motivating and dynamic activities dedicated to the holistic development of the youth.

YFC in Singapore

CFC-Youth for Christ Singapore (CFC-YFC SG), the youth ministry of the Couples for Christ community, has been experiencing bountiful blessings over the years. Through the grace of the Lord, there are currently 410 active YFC members in Singapore. There are 2 clusters in the CFC-YFC Singapore community that form 8 chapters in total. Cluster 1 is composed of East (1 and 2) and Serangoon (1 and 2) chapters, and Cluster 2 is made up of the North (1 and 2) and the West (1 and 2) chapters. Each of the 8 chapters has about 50 to 130 members. The chapters are composed of households with 4 to 6 members and a leader per household (called a youth household head). YFC leaders’ and members’ ages typically range from 12 to 21 years old. Each cluster and chapter have its own youth brother and youth sister cluster and chapter heads, while in turn being overseen by cluster and chapter couple coordinators (CCs) who are part of the CFC community. Together, they provide pastoral leadership and oversight over CFC YFC Singapore, and look after their growth in character and faith in Christ our Lord. 

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